Bare & Organic products are handmade fresh in small batches using, where possible, certified organic, raw or minimally processed ingredients. Due to the natural state of these ingredients the colour, texture and aroma may vary slightly between batches, this is totally normal.

If you have sensitive skin or are likely to have an allergic reactions to skincare products, I highly recommended that you do a skin patch test first prior to using the product. Discontinue use if irritation or adverse reaction occurs. 

Where possible I aim to avoid the use of common nut oils so no one has to miss out. If you have nut allergies please read the ingredient lists carefully.

On each product page I have recorded an approximate essential oil percentage for each product for your knowledge. 

Some citrus essential oils are photosensitising such as lemon essential oil however I do not use these oils in 'leave on' products nor are they in sufficient amounts to cause a reaction.

It is recommended that certain essential oils are used with caution or avoided during pregnancy, especially during the 1st trimester. If you are unsure at all about the use of essential oils please consult your General Practitioner prior to use.

These tubs are designed to be a sample size or just that little extra gift you want to throw in for someone. They are totally waste free with a paper label and wax coated kraft paper tub. I individually paint on an extra 2 layers of organic beeswax on the inside edge of the tub to keep your cream secure (especially in our Australian summer heat). These gorgeous kraft paper tubs are made of cardboard, as a result you may get some darkening on the outside due to the natural oils contained in the product coming into contact with the surface. Don't worry, your cream will still stay inside, you'll just end up with a multicoloured tub. As this tub is only small it is designed to be used quickly and hence why I have gone with this awesome waste free option - these tubs can be fully composted! Then if you love your cream purchase a larger aluminium tin and then return to me on my REUSE + REFILL option.

My creams, butters and balms contain absolutely no nasties such as petroleum based emulsifiers or preservatives. I work with the natural properties of the ingredients and use specific amounts to create each product so that I do not have to include any unnecessary additives. 

However, because of this your lovely silky smooth creams do not like being exposed to hot environments for long periods of time. I highly recommend you keep your products in a cool dry environment at all times. Below 21 degrees celsius is perfect.

So what happens if your cream is exposed to hot environments or the Postman has accidentally left your lovely new package in the full afternoon sun?

If left to melt and then set slowly your cream can adopt a grainy texture - however do not fear, this doesn't mean your cream has gone bad and it can be fixed!

This graininess happens due to the different fatty acids in the butter cooling at different rates so what was once a lovely smooth creamy butter turns into a grainy lump. You can actually still use the cream this way (if it doesn't bother you) as the grainy texture will disappear as soon as it warms with your body heat.

However to fix the problem just follow these simple steps;

  • Heat a small amount of water in a double boiler (such as a vegetable steamer on the stove)
  • Place your tin into the pot with the lid off - please take care not to allow any water into the product as it contains no preservatives.
  • Allow the product to melt fully - but keep an eye on it, do not over heat your cream!
  • Carefully remove and give it a quick stir and place in the freezer for 1 hour minimum.
  • Remove and allow to thaw, and just like that your cream should be back to it's original creamy goodness.
[ NOTE ] If you have ordered a sample size of a product and it has gone grainy you will need to remove the product from the tub and place in a heat proof dish before following the above steps.

    If your products arrive melted place the tub straight in the freezer for one hour minimum. This should avoid a grainy texture forming. If not please follow the steps above.

    If you have attempted to restore your cream and it hasn't worked or you have any questions, please contact me at and I will try my best to help you resolve your problem.