LEMON + SANDALWOOD || fresh facial cleanser

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LEMON + SANDALWOOD fresh facial cleanser is a beautiful blend of kaolin clay, organic oatmeal and organic raw honey to gently cleanse away the days grime without stripping your skin of its precious oils. Organic lemon powder and a hint of pure lemon essential oil helps to balance troubled combination or acne prone skin leaving your face feeling clean and smooth. Compared to our PINK CLAY + OATMEAL facial cleanser this cleanser has a slightly more exfoliating texture and is perfect for skin that loves a gentle scrub at the end of each day.

[ SKIN TYPE ] Suitable for combination to oily skin types.

Silicon tube: Squeeze a small amount from the tube onto wet hands. Gently massage onto a wet face and neck in circular motions. Wash off with warm water.
Biodegradable refill bag: Snip the corner off your biodegradable refill bag and gently squeeze contents into your clean & dry reusable silicon tube or waterproof container of choice.

Kaolin clay - purifies the skin by gently drawing out impurities such as grime, dirt and pollution.
Raw honey - naturally antibacterial so it's great for fighting blemishes, moisturising & soothing for the skin, full of antioxidants to help slow down the sign of ageing.
Lemon - helps to cleanse the skin and reduce excess oil production. It is also a potent once fighter and helps to clear blackheads.
Diatomaceous Earth - made up almost entirely of silica, DE has a gentle exfoliating texture which helps to smooth skin and draw out unwanted impurities.

[ INGREDIENTS ] kaolin clay, pure vegetable glycerine (palm oil free), oatmeal*, raw honey*, diatomaceous earth**, sandalwood powder, lemon powder*, jojoba oil*, rosemary leaf extract, ground coconut shell, 100% pure lemon essential oil.


[ NOTE ] Always do a skin patch test first. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Store below 21 degrees celsius. This product contains no preservatives, it is important to keep the product as dry as possible in the container. Always use dry clean hands if you choose to use your own waterproof container and ensure the lid is replaced to prevent water from entering. Best used within 3 months of opening. 

[ ESSENTIAL OILS ] The essential oil dilution in this product is approximately 0.05%.

[ SIZE ]
120g of product in a biodegradable bag - this is a refill option for your reusable silicon tube or you can simply use and refill your own waterproof container.
120g of product in a food-grade reusable silicon tube.

[ RECYCLE ] Please recycle or reuse the silicon tube. The biodegradable bag will breakdown in landfill or can be washed and recycled with soft plastics through you local council if permitted or the RedCycle Program.

[DONATION] $1 from every Bare & Organic order is donated to the Orangutan Foundation International Australia.